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Example Set of Predictions

Binary EOD Price Change: 1
The binary price change is 1 if the price change will be up at end of day and 0 if it will be down.

Binary Price Change Probability: 73%
The probability the binary price change. 50% and up translate to a 1 or positive change at end of day.

Numeric EOD Price Change: +.48
The predicted price change.

Polar Numeric EOD Price Change Indicator: -1.02
In the case that the day's price trend does not match the binary prediction. This predictive indicator uses the opposite value of the Binary EOD price change.

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  • An educated interpretation of the predictions.
  • Limited support via email from Dutchess.ai engineer(s).
  • More futures coming soon. You will get access to any additional predictions for futures we add to the newsletter over the year of your subscription.