Dutchess.ai is a collection of predictive financial indicators for trading futures.


Predictions are generated via machine learning ai with historical pricing data in conjunction with proprietary methods. We offer a daily newsletter with predictive indicators relevant to that day's trading.

All machine learning computed on on the AWS platform



See The Results

We publish all of our results the following day in the name of transparency. See all of our past data here.


Free For Now

Dutchess.ai is free for now. If we decide to start charging you will be "grandfathered" in. Get started.



Predictive Indicators

Below are the specific values that are predicable by the Machine Learning models we have developed. Improve your trading decisions with AI. The big guys are doing it. Now you can too.


Binary EOD Price Change
The binary Price Change is 1 if the price change will be up at end of day and 0 if it will be down.

Binary Price Change Probability
The probability the Binary Price Change. 50% and up translate to a 1 or positive change at end of day.


Polar Numeric EOD Price Change Indicator
In the case that the day's price trend does not match the binary prediction. This predictive indicator uses the opposite value of the Binary EOD price change.

Numeric EOD Price Change
The predicted price change at end of day.